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Migrate to Fonetic Trade Comms Suite and keep your organisation protected. 


  • Monitor and integrate data from all channels of communication
  • Improve your rules accuracy
  • Migrate current workflows and employees information
  • Ingest communications from any time period and perform historical analysis


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CA Data Protection (AKA Orchestria or CA DataMinder) announced they will no longer offer product enchancements from June 2019.  

Take the opportunity to optimise and apply Artificial Intelligence to your surveillance procedures. 

Improve the accuracy of your rules


  • Migrate your former rules combining lexicon and non-lexicon
  • Improve accuracy and mitigate risks thanks to Machine Learning

Rapidly reduce the number of false positives


  • Have all channels of communication together in one place
  • NLP to understand context and content
  • Alerts based on all communication channels and trades

Migrate current workflows and employees' information 


  • Maintain and customise your current workflows and escalate alerts to the right person or department
  • Historical employees' data is stored and updated when required

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