Shortlisted for the A-Team Trading Tech Insight Awards

Fonetic Team
Tuesday, 30 April 2019 / Published in fonetic, Press release, a-team

Shortlisted for the A-Team Trading Tech Insight Awards

Fonetic have been shorlisted for the TradingTech Insight Awards, in 4 categories. Have you voted yet? Cast yours today by clicking here!


We are very proud of being shortlisted by the A-Team Group after Trade Comms Suite also received recognition for Best Trade Reconstruction at the ITT Awards last year, 


Trade Comms Suite offers 10 years of voice analysis experience and financial domain knowledge. Developed and trained to detect trading floor jargon, our Automatic Trade Reconstruction achieves the highest accuracy by using communication content and context to correctly match trades and orders to their communications, while also alerting to when more than one language in the same conversation is used.

Other recognition also inlcudes The Financial Times in their prominent report “Europe’s 100 digital champions” for 2019, as well as being featured in the RegTech 100 list by Fintech Global.

And it's safe to say we wouldn't be anywhere without the knowledge, expertise, creativity and dedication of the Fonetic team. can we count on your vote, we hope so! Vote now

About the TradingTech Insight Awards

The TradingTech Insight Awards celebrate operational and product excellence in financial trading technology. This edition of the awards focuses particularly on technology solutions that cover North America and reflect the different challenges facing the numerous market practitioners and suppliers as they endevor to develop trading and data solutions in the rapidly changing marketplace.


About Fonetic

Fonetic is a leading provider of compliance and surveillance technology solutions across all comms channels and are experts in voice analytics. The company has pioneered the use of speech technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Fonetic’s unique proactive trade reconstruction engine serves as an invaluable tool for risk mitigation to ensure trade floor regulatory compliance across the world.

With over 100 employees based in London, New York, Madrid and Melbourne, Fonetic is dedicated to the continuous innovation of its solutions to guarantee client confidence in its operational transparency and compliance in the face of changing global financial regulations. Fonetic strives to provide integrated and effective solutions that help organisations meet and exceed regulatory requirements and confront misconduct. Learn more at


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