Fonetic can prevent future #MeToo movements from spilling over to the financial industry

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Tuesday, 23 October 2018 / Published in fonetic, Press release

Fonetic can prevent future #MeToo movements from spilling over to the financial industry

In the year since the Weinstein scandal unfolded, #MeToo has shown its face in the financial industry, among many others. Juan Diego Martín, Fonetic’s Chief Operating Officer, shares his opinion and observations in a piece for Financial News. He asserts that although regulators and banks are doing their best to stamp out inappropriate behaviour in banks and other financial institutions, these new legal rules are simply not enough to make a lasting change in the financial environment. Our surveillance systems have shown that traders are eight times more likely to use any kind of offensive language, including swearing, than they are to use language of any sort suggesting market abuse. In fact, some of the profanities discovered in Fonetic’s research are related to disparaging comments relating to sexual orientation, race, physical appearance and even political ideologies.

Unfortunately for banks, any trace of an incidence, however big or small in relation to any unbefitting actions, could have serious reputational impacts and drive stock prices to nosedive. Fortunately for them, Fonetic is here to help with voice surveillance, which can even detect the use of multiple languages in the same conversation, and proactive trade reconstruction,  to help identify employee behaviour and catch inappropriate language or bad practises before any potential litigations or ad-hoc regulator requests.

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