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      TR DataSheet

      Trade ReconstructionDownload

      Solutions for Capital Markets Datasheet

      Solutions for Capital Markets


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      Holistic SurveillanceDownload

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      Solutions for Broker Firms


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      Voice SurveillanceDownload

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      Solutions for the Buy Side


      Improve Surveillance efficiency with Machine learning

      Improve surveillance efficiency with Machine Learning


      SMR compliance

      SMR compliance: The role of communications technologyDownload

      Language Switching: what is it and what can it do for voice surveillance on trading floor

      Language Switching: What can it do for voice surveillance?Download

      Voice surveillance: the proven approach for efficient control

      Voice surveillance: the proven approach for efficient control Download

      Control Room

      Is your Control Room leaking inside information?Download

      Event Reports
      Communications surveillance: the reality

      Communications Surveillance:
      The reality

      Compliance challenges in the broker firms

      Compliance Challenges in the Broker Firms


      communications monitoring in energy trading

      Communications monitoring in
      Energy Trading

      Case Study
      Multiple languages monitored

      Monitoring all communications in multiple languages

      Case Study Holistic

      APAC Bank mitigates conduct risk with holistic surveillanceDownload


      News & Articles

      What's changed since MAR and why firms are still lost in communication

      It’s been three years since the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) came into force, with the aim to protect investors and increase market integrity. Howeve...

      How CFTC record retention rules affects audio transcription adoption

      The CFTC’s different record retention requirements for electronic and voice communications is creating a conundrum for financial firms that are subjec...

      Could a communications surveillance tool have prevented the Libor Manipulation Scandal?

      Reflections from reading The Spider Network, by David Enrich Summer is made for reading. And one of the books that was long in our reading list was “T...

      Fonetic’s response to the FCA’s Market Watch 60 newsletter

      After an ex-UBS employee was sentenced to 3 years in jail for insider trading, the FCA has decided to focus its August newsletter on market conduct an...

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