Communications Surveillance- How Trade Comms Suite helps Capital Markets firms

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Monday, 29 July 2019 / Published in fonetic, Communications Surveillance

Communications Surveillance- How Trade Comms Suite helps Capital Markets firms



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The financial landscape for capital markets firms has evolved into a complex environment where compliance teams and senior managers have faced mounting pressure to reform company culture and conduct as well as lead digitisation efforts. All with the goal of adhering to a flurry of new regulation and FCA guidance.

Fonetic is on a mission. More has to be done to automate surveillance and cover more ground, better and faster than the perpetrators.

Tech-savvy traders are wise to the outdated surveillance technology. More and more ingenious and devious ways are being invented to swerve surveillance and avoid detection. From Europe’s energy regulator examining wash trades to the FX rigging scandal hitting banks both sides of the pond, these cases will keep coming. 

Our mission is to help firms stay one step ahead of the regulator and the bad actors.

How Fonetic solves the challenges of trading floor surveillance

Trade Comms Suite provides financial institutions with the market’s most advanced ‘holistic’ communications surveillance tool. The solution unifies siloed vComms, eComms, trade and order data into a single platform to monitor, reconstruct and report on the complete trade lifecycle through a user-friendly interface. We offer robust and scalable software with an intuitive interface.  

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In short, here is how Fonetic can help Banks, Brokers and the Buy-side:

Agile deployment on prem or in the cloud

Each firm is different and needs their technology to adapt to their specific scenarios and infrastructure.

Open solutions leading the way

Financial organisations have deployed multiple systems and software over the years. Brokers in particular face complex integration issues due to numerous acquisitions adding further complexity to their data architecture. An agile solution with open architecture, which can plug into existing infrastructure saves not only cost but also eases the transition into more sophisticated surveillance tools.    

Artificial Intelligence where it matters most

Success needs two key elements 1) language models that are trained for the trading floor environment, and that handle trading jargon, and 2) advanced data processing to reduce noise and unnecessary data before any analysis takes place.

Fonetic knows when to apply AI and when to rely on human expertise. See here for more information.

Read on to find out more. 

More on the Trade Comms Suite offering

With our voice and eComms analytics software, we unify trade communications surveillance and uncover insights hidden in your employees’ negotiations. This could be suspicious trading activity, unusual behaviour or preferential treatment and favouritism.

Deployed in trading institutions since 2008. Fonetic’s development team has over a decade of domain knowledge that has resulted in the most accurate voice analytics product on the market and award-winning trade reconstruction technology.

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Is it really that accurate?


Apart from providing the highest accuracy across voice data currently available this aids more in-depth analysis and gives the compliance function total visibility across every communications channel.

We achieve this by applying advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to ensure the software identifies colloquial speech in various languages. We also apply Machine Learning & Deep Neural Networks (DNN) to enhance entity recognition within communication content, among other uses.

Our technology has been developed and fine-tuned for trading jargon and financial terms by industry practitioners and have spent 10 years fine-tuning our language models. 

What about the UI?

Users also benefit from autonomous policy creation and customisable workflows to allow for faster and more efficient adoption. Depending on your compliance and business concerns, Fonetic can provide pre-designed policies to detect misconduct, market manipulation and suspicious behaviour.

Many of the features are customisable without the need for vendor support or intervention from IT. This gives Compliance a much greater level of autonomy, allowing them to be more agile and use the tool more efficiently.

How can Trade Reconstruction help my firm?

The best thing about Fonetic Trade Reconstruction is that it’s Automatic.

This allows you to be agile when performing ad-hoc investigations as well as easily complying with Dodd-Frank regulations. For the Buy-side and Broker firms, Trade Reconstruction adds value when monitoring Best Practice for Best Execution. Read more here on how it solves Regulation BI requirements. It is also an important tool to adhering to MiFID II requirements for performing suitable and appropriate negotiations.

How Fonetic applies AI for Capital Markets surveillance

The discussion around accuracy when using AI and ML tools. However, AI success depends on the volume, accuracy and accessibility of your data.

AI is a valuable tool and when used in the right way, it enhances a firm’s surveillance capabilities ten-fold. Machine Learning is best applied to detect, and review evidence hidden within communications’ content; this is where trader intent usually lies.

Machine Learning also enhances the analysis of multilingual speech. Trade Comms Suite is capable of detecting when two or more languages are used in the same conversation, also known as language switching.


For more information about our product offering, download the Trade Comms Suite Datasheet or contact us for a demo.




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