Managing False Positives: Your brief guide



False positives can present serious problems for financial organisations on their trading floor. This occurs when a trade surveillance system flags normal voice or electronic communications (e-comms) for potential market abuse when there´s no risk implied. But why is managing false positives so important?

An effective surveillance solution must be able to efficiently reduce the risk of fraud and misconduct while saving time and reducing the amount of irrelevant data that doesn’t need to be analysed.

Join us for a brief look at the problems caused when misleading data isn´t addressed. We then discuss the value-added benefits of tackling the problem and how holistic trading floor surveillance technology specifically targets their reduction. 

Fonetic Customer Support Delivers Happy Customers Around the World

Fonetic Team
Monday, 07 May 2018 / Published in holistic surveillance

At Fonetic we take customer support very seriously, especially when our clients are based in all parts of the world.

To improve our customer satisfaction, our support team has recently implemented automated feedback surveys. Out of the many answers we are receiving daily, we are getting a 98,9% top satisfaction rating.

Fonetic has a dedicated team of support staff serving our fraud surveillance and compliance surveillance proactive trading solutions. They are working around the clock to solve customer issues, answering support tickets from APAC, EMEA and The Americas regions.