Fonetic is a RegTech 100 company!

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Wednesday, 21 November 2018 / Published in press, fonetic, Press release

Fonetic is a RegTech 100 company!

We are pleased to announce that for the second time in a row, Fonetic has been recognised as one of the most innovative regtech companies worldwide by RegTech Analyst, a specialist research firm. “The impact of the most innovative RegTech companies will be measured in billions of dollars over the next few years,” according to Mariyan Dimitrov, head of research at RegTech Analyst.

Fonetic is a RegTech100 company for 2019 press release

RegTech 100 for 2019 recognises Fonetic as a tech pioneer transforming compliance and risk management in the financial industry, addressing the challenges of dealing with regulatory issues within financial services. Fonetic's unparalleled voice analytics and trade reconstruction algorithms with an agile modular approach to compliance and surveillance give industry professionals and senior managers peace of mind.

We were recognised for our innovative use of technology to solve significant industry problems, to generate cost savings and efficiency improvements across the compliance function. We help financial institutions with risk management, communications (v-comms and e-comms) and conduct monitoring by using the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP).

Industry leaders can make the most from strategic data at their fingertips with our solutions, be it voice, e-comms or trade reconstruction in near real time. They can comply with, and even anticipate, constantly evolving regulatory requirements from watchdogs in different jurisdictions. Fonetic is the eyes and ears for financial companies and banks on the trading floor. Our solution is the only one to catch language switching, or what is also known as code switching or using more than one language in the same phrase.

Fonetic’s profile will be feautred in the Global RegTech Review, which will be available in early December 2018. This independent report is produced in response to demand from the fintech and regtech professional community.

About RegTech 100

The RegTech ecosystem is ever more competitive, with double the number of companies considered this year compared to last year. A panel of analysts and industry experts voted from a longlist of more than 800 companies. European and North American companies still dominate the RegTech 100 with 60% and 29% of places, respectively, and Fonetic is proud to be one of the global players with European origins.

About Fonetic

Fonetic is a leading provider of compliance and surveillance technology solutions across all comms channels and are experts in voice analytics. The company has pioneered the use of speech technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Fonetic’s unique proactive trade reconstruction engine serves as an invaluable tool for risk mitigation to ensure trade floor regulatory compliance across the world.

With over 100 employees based in London, New York, Madrid and Melbourne, Fonetic is dedicated to the continuous innovation of its solutions to guarantee client confidence in its operational transparency and compliance in the face of changing global financial regulations. Fonetic strives to provide integrated and effective solutions that help organisations meet and exceed regulatory requirements and confront misconduct. Learn more at

To find out more about Fonetic’s unique capabilities, take a look at our free ebook on Language Switching.

CTA Language switching free ebook

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