Fonetic helps banks and financial institutions to take a proactive approach on regulatory compliance, fighting fraud and mitigating risks.

With our solutions, you can anticipate regulatory requirements, control the trading floor behaviour and break the information silos to prevent fraud, market abuse and act quickly on compliance breaches with deep learning technology, in constant evolution.


Your most vulnerable channel is also the hardest one to supervise.
Get the whole trading floor under surveillance: spot rogue traders and market abuse intents before they become a hazard to your business and reputation.
Stay ahead of regulatory compliance with a voice surveillance solution specifically designed for the trading floor environment.


MiFID II and MAR have demanding requirements on how financial institutions should store and monitor trade communications.
Fonetic ATR helps firms to fight fraud and market abuse by breaking the information silos and providing a comprehensive view of traders’ behaviour, while giving surveillance teams more productivity managing alerts and responding to regulators' requests.


Fonetic proactive trade reconstruction technology processes 100% of trading floor communications and automatically links them to their trading context.
With all the information organized in one place, firms get a unique outlook of the trading floor behaviour, gaining agility to act upon misconducts and obtain compelling data for strategic business areas. 




Count down to MiFID II
Are you ready?

MiFID II applies first on January 3rd, 2018. It specifies compulsory a set of organisational requirements on investment firms and trading floors. Between the most important points of MiFID II are the followings:

  • More pre-trade and post-trade transparency
  • Record communications for 5 but up to 7 years upon request
  • Fines of up to three times the profit made from market abuse
  • Communications should be available to regulators upon request
  • Telephone and emails conversations should be recorded so that they can be replayed but not manipulated